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I was a LAPD officer from 1981-1991. Typical patrol at 22 yrs old. In a literal war zone on a nightly basis I've seen and done it all on the street. No war stories in this intro. But the nightmares began, self destructive behavior , anxiety, depression. Psychologists were useless. So my best idea was to quit suddenly and go to a small department. I did well at my job but my personal life was a mess. So my next best idea was to run. Traveling Europe, living on a sail boat, and spinning out of control. I stayed that way for years. Yes, I had been diagnosed with PTSD and took all their meds but not addressing the issue. Until recently I suffered in silence until I began writing about it and reaching out to others with similar stories. I feel better now and with that I can add myself to the ranks of others here.

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  1. PTSD progression not recognized by police departments — November 14, 2014

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Nov 14

PTSD progression not recognized by police departments

Written By Our Reader Steve: Hi I’m Steve, here are my bona fides, I was LAPD, class of 3-81-B (march 1981). My serial number is 23106. I completed the Academy at the age of 22. I was assigned Wilshire Division where I completed my probation. After probation, I was “wheeled” to Hollywood, where I again …

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