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Sep 24

Police, Fire, Military Concussions, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and PTSD

Police and Military injuries are quite different in many respects than that of a civilian injury.  The Police Culture tends to underestimate the short and long term effects, not just one substantial blow to the head, in some cases several over years. Understanding the mechanics of the injury,  or the hows, why’s and what happened’s,  …

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Aug 31

Mandatory Counseling After Trauma May Help Remove Police PTSD Stigma

Police officers in the US deal with the most gruesome, ugly, and terrifying side of humans imaginable. From watching someone take their last breath, to discovering corpses that have been mutilated in ways no sane human could comprehend, police deal with it all. Unfortunately, when these officers deal with the emotionally devastating effects of this …

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Aug 29

Police Department Mandatory Evaluations of Police Officers with PTSD

Thank you for your inquiry regarding MANDATORY DEPARTMENT EVALUATIONS OF POLICE OFFICERS WITH PTSD. Charles 08/29/2012 In order to properly answer your question we need to preface a few variables about how a department would do this. First, as you know departments are required to have documented regulations and manual of procedures that dictate every …

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