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Jun 10

Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Police Performance

Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Police Performance Sleep deprivation is comparable to excessive drinking. A sleep deprivation study found that not sleeping for 17 hours impaired a person’s motor skills to an extent equivalent to having an alcohol toxicity of 0.05 percent. Not sleeping for 24 hours was equivalent to a toxicity level of 0.10 …

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Aug 29

Police Department Mandatory Evaluations of Police Officers with PTSD

Thank you for your inquiry regarding MANDATORY DEPARTMENT EVALUATIONS OF POLICE OFFICERS WITH PTSD. Charles 08/29/2012 In order to properly answer your question we need to preface a few variables about how a department would do this. First, as you know departments are required to have documented regulations and manual of procedures that dictate every …

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Mar 08

The police supervisor and stress

Many police managers experience health problems, both physiological and emotional, and have difficulty understanding the cause. As patrol officers, they might have believed that a promotion would alleviate the stress they faced every day. Soon after taking command, however, many find that they must contend with a variety of new stressors, in addition to the …

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