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Treatment Types for PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for Police, Fire and Military.

Jun 12

What Can a PEER to PEER Support Group Do for PTSD?

Peer Support Groups If your looking to regain your confidence, self respect and control of your life then peer support groups are a place where you can discuss day-to-day problems with other people who have been through trauma. Support groups have not been shown to reduce PTSD symptoms, but they can help you feel better …

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Nov 04

K-9’s Continue to Prove Useful in the Treatment and Prevention of PTSD

A study by the University of Pennsylvania revealed that first-responders at 9/11 who had K-9 partners, were less likely to have PTSD. Anyone, regardless of whether or not they have PTSD, reap emotional benefits from owning and interacting with a pet. A dog’s endless love and patience is just what someone suffering from PTSD needs …

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Sep 21

Alternative Treatments for PTSD

  Doctors have been studying alternative treatment for PTSD for some time now. Acupuncture, meditation, and even K-9 companions are all some of the methods being employed and studied by more open-minded physicians and patients. There have been multiple studies by very reputable sources suggesting the effectiveness of alternative treatments for PTSD. The pentagon spent …

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Jul 16

PTSD can attack years later

PTSD can attack years later Even with no previous symptomsby Allen R. Kates, BCECR, MFAW Author of CopShock, Second Edition: Surviving Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Editor’s note: Be sure to also read the new PoliceOne Series, “Tips for keeping it together after a bad call” “I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t think, I …

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Mar 04

Timing Is Critical

Interesting enough is that fact that in most cases, officers who delayed or did not receive proper care after the incident developed more or intense symptoms than those who did. Since it is typical that we as officers “tend” to try and self motivate, work-out, surpress and conceal how we really feel, treatment or support …

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Mar 03

How Long Does PTSD Last?

It will have a different outcome with different events and individuals.  It can last a brief time or become chronic. It can go into remission and then recur, even years later. It can also escalate into other disorders such as panic attacks, severe depression and substance abuse.  Since their are “triggers” that can cause recurrance …

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