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This Section is dedicated to our readers and members telling us their Critical Incident in detail. It will allow others that have had similar incidents to find common ground. Although your incident is trusted here to be factual please use care in your story telling. Feel Free to post pictures. Our Staff Editor will proof all submissions before they are posted. is not responsible for your content, however we reserve the right to remove or edit your post for the good of our readers.

Nov 14

PTSD progression not recognized by police departments

Written By Our Reader Steve: Hi I’m Steve, here are my bona fides, I was LAPD, class of 3-81-B (march 1981). My serial number is 23106. I completed the Academy at the age of 22. I was assigned Wilshire Division where I completed my probation. After probation, I was “wheeled” to Hollywood, where I again …

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Jun 24

Fairchild Hospital Shooting, Air Force Base, PTSI PTSD

In 1994, I responded to an active killer incident at our hospital on Fairchild Air Force Base. For several years afterward, I struggled with PTSD, not because I took a life, but because so many others lost theirs. 20 years later, I was invited back to Fairchild to speak about the resiliency of survivors at …

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