Surviving Your Spouse’s PTSD

vfgfsAre you one of the thousands of people struggling to cope with a spouse or loved one with Police PTSD? Are you frustrated, hurt and exasperated in trying to help the one you love but don’t know how?  Or When you try to help it seems your met with anger or silence because they say you don’t understand?  Are you carrying the brunt of fallen responsibilities of the home, children and finances?  Has life spaces been filled with darkness, disrespect  or frustration?  You are not alone, but there’s hope.  Get the answers you need!

Author and Founder C. A. Davis with his over 20 years of combined police and fire service experience (as well as a PTSD victim) has been mentoring, life coaching and helping hundreds of struggling officers, spouses and loved ones since 2005 through meetings,  email and phone calls. He has been interviewed by major news networks, book authors and agencies for opinions and assessments. He has also assisted both high level government employees, police departments as well as individuals and spouses. 

dgfssdgThis unique and individualized (Not Groups) where you receive 4 – 30 Minute sessions. This powerful Life Coach package spans 4 weeks and will be one on one through Skype, FaceTime, GoToMyMeeting or by phone with Founder and Author C. A. Davis combined with other experienced Coaches.  

  • PTSD, Marriage Stress and Money
  • Sessions are designed to discuss your topics,  your specific needs and issues of the day or week
  • giving you the support and reflection right when you need it,
  • The sessions are scheduled around your schedule.

If you would like to apply for at NO CHARGE 30 Minute Consultation and to apply, please Contact US with ”COACH’  in the Subject line. In order to be considered Please give us a short narrative of your situation, your first name and how you found us. We will contact you if you are chosen to confirm your participation. We will take this post down and announce the name chosen as soon as it happens.